Glossary of Medical Terms

Abortifacient:-             An agent that promotes abortion.

Abrasion:-                   Injury to skin surface.

Abscess:-                    A local collection of pus in a tissue.

Acrid:-                         Pungent.

Adenitis:-                    Inflammation of a gland.

Alexipharmic:-            An antidote to poison.

Allergy:-                      Exaggerated reaction to substance which are considered normally

Alopecia:-                   Baldness.

Amenorrhoea:-           Absence of menses.

Analgesic:-                 Relieves pain.

Anodyne:-                   A drug that relieves pain.

Anorexia:-                   Loss of appetite for food.

Anthelmintic:-             Substance that expel intestinal worms.

Anti periodic:-             Destroying the periodicity of diseases.

Antibiotic:-                  Destroys or inhibits micro-organisms.

Anticoagulant:-           Prevents blood clotting.

Antidote:-                    A remedy which neutralizes the action of a poison.

Anti-emetic:-               Prevents or arrests vomiting.

Antifebrile:-                 Any agent which reduces fever.

Antimicrobial:-            Drug that is used against microbes.

Antioxident:-               Prevents oxidation and breakdown of tissues.

Anti-pyretic:-              Reduces or prevents high temperature.

Antiscorbutic:-            Preventive for scurvy.

Anti-septic:-                Destroys or inhibits microorganisms that cause infection.

Antispasmodic:-         Relieves or prevents involuntary spasms.

Antitussive:-                Soothes and relieves coughing.

Aperient:-                    Mild purgative.

Aphrodisiac:-              A drug which promotes sexual desire.

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