Glossary of Medical Terms

Coryza:-                      Inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane with profuge

Cutaneous:-               Cancerned with skin.

Cystitis:-                      Diseases of the urinary bladder.

Dandruff:-                   An inflammed  condition of the scalp.

Dargle:-                       To rinse the mouth or throat with medicinal liquid.

Decoction:-                 A preparation made by boiling a medicinal herb.

Decoction:-                 A solution derived from boiling of medicinal herbs.

Demulcent:-                A mucilaginous fluid that relieves irritation.

Deobstruant:-              An agent the removes obstruction to secretion or excretion.

Depurative:-                To purify.

Diabetes:-                    Any disorder characterized by excessive urine excretion.

Diaphoretic:-               An agent that promotes perspiration.

Diaphoretic:-               Drug that stimulates perspiration.

Diarrhoea:-                  Frequent and watery stool discharge.

Diuresis:-                     Excessive secretion of urine.

Diuretic:-                     An agent which increases the flow of urine.

Dropsy:-                      A morbid accumulation of watery fluid in any part of the body.

Dyscrasia:-                 An abnormal or pathologic condition of blood.

Dysentry:-                   A condition wherein  there is excretion of stools frequently

Dyspepsia:-                Indigestion.

Dysuria:-                     Difficult or painful urination.

Eczema:-                    Inflammation of the skin.

Emetic:-                      An agent that causes vomiting.

Emmenagogue:-        Promotes menstrual flow.

Emollient:-                  Softens the skin and soothes irritation of the skin and mucous

Enteritis:-                    Inflammation of intestine.

Epilepsy:-                    A chromic nervous disorder marked by attacks of unconsciousness

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