Glossary of Medical Terms

Eruption:-                    A breaking out of spots on the skin.

Expectorant:-              Increase bronchial secretion and facilitates its expulsion.

Extract:-                      A compound containing concentrated herbal property, obtained

Febrifuge:-                  A remedy for fever/reduces high temperature.

Flatulence:-                 Distension of intestinal tract due to gas.

Fomentation:-              The application of a warm lotion.

Galactogogue:-            A medicine to increase the flow of milk in nursing mothers,

Goitre:-                        Chronic enlargement of the thyroid gland.

Gonorrhoea:-               An infectious venereal diseases marked by inflammatory discharge

Gout:-                            Metabolic disorder in the joints, ears or elsewhere.

Haematemesis:-           Blood vimitting.

Haemoptysis:-             Discharge of blood while coughing.

Haemorrhoid:-             Piles with painful swellings at the anus.

Hemicramia:-               Unilateral headache.

Hypoglycaemia:-         An abnormally low level of sugar in the blood.

Hypotensive:-              Reduces high blood-pressure.

Hysteria:-                    A neurosis usually arising from mental conflict and repression.

Impetigo:-                   In inflammatory skin diseases.

Inflammatory:-            Tending to inflame or stir up trouble, pain and heat.

Influenza:-                   An epidemic virus disease attacking respiratory tract.

Infusion:-                    A method of extracting the active principles from medicinal plants.

Insomnia:-                   Inability to sleep.

Jaundise:-                    A disease condition of yellowish staining of the tissue and

Lactagogue:-               Any agent that stimulates lactation.

Laxative:-                    A mild aperient.

Ledative:-                    Sleep- inducing or relaxation giving substance.

Leprosy:-                     A chromic wasting disease caused by a germ resulting in

Leucoderma:-              Depigmentation of the skin

Measles:-                     An acute infectious disease caused by virus characterized by fever,

membrane and the alveolar bone.

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