Glossary of Medical Terms

Scabies:-                      Itching skin disease caused by a mite.

Scorbutic:-                   Relating to scurvy.

Scorbutic:-                   Relating to scurvy.

Scurvy:-                       Deficiency disease caused by lack of vitamin- C.

Soporific:-                   Drug that induces sleep.

Spasm:-                       Involuntary muscular contraction.

Spasmolytic:-              Which relieves spasm.

Spermatorrhoea:-         An involuntary discharge of semen without orgasm.

Sprain:-                        An injury to soft tissue surrounding a joint.

Stimulant:-                  Something which stimulates or excites.

Stomachic:-                 A drug that strengthens the stomach and promotes its action.

Strangury:-                  Painful and drop by drop discharge of urine.

Styptic:-                      Astringent, checking bleeding.

Sudorific:-                   An agent causing sweating.

Suppuration:-              Formation of pus. Surface of the eye-ball.

Syphilis:-                     A venereal bacterial disease caused by Treponema pallidum,

transmitted by direct sexual contact.

Ulcer:-                         A wound with superficial loss of tissue.

Urethritis:-                   Inflammation of urethra.

Urinary calculi:-          Stone in bladder.

Utricaria:-                    A skin allergy with the symptom of intense itching.

Vermifuge:-                 A drug that is used for expelling or destroying intestinal worms.

Vertigo:-                      Dizziness.

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