Glossary of Medical Terms

Menorchoea:-              Excessive or prolonged menstruction.

Menstrual:-                  The flow of blood from uterus once in a month in a female.

Mumps:-                      Specific inflammation of period gland caused by virus.

Narcotic:-                    A drug which induces sleep.

Nausea:-                      A feeling of sickness, without actual vomiting.

Onychia:-                    Inflammation of the nail-bed.

Opacities:-                   An opaque spot not transparent.

Opthalmia:-                 Consunctivities, inflammation of the eye.

Otalgia:-                      Ear-ache.

Otitis:-                         Inflammation of ear.

Otorrhoea:-                  A purulent discharge from the ear.

Ozaena:-                      Nose with a foul-smelling discharge.

Paralysis:-                    A disease of complete or incomplete loss of nervous functions to

Phthisis:-                     An old term for pulmonary tuberculosis.

Pneumonia:-                Inflammation of lungs.

Poulties:-                     Soft composition applied on a cloth to the skin to reduce

Purgative:-                   A drug causing evacuation of fluid faeces.

Purulent:-                    Pertaining to or resembling pus.

Pus:-                            The yellow or yellowish fluid product of inflammation.

Pyorrhoea:-                  Disease of the structures supporting the teeth the gums, peridontal

Refrigerant:-                Cooling effect.

Resolvent:-                  Having power to resolve.

Restorative:-                To strengthen and vigour, tending to restore.

resulting in the formation of lesions through out the body and

Rheumatism:-              Condition characterized by pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

Rubefacient:-              Reddening of the skin.

Sativation:-                  An increases secretion of saliva.

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