Glossary of Medical Terms

Aphthae:-                    A minute white ulcer on the tongue and in the mouth.

Aromatic:-                   A fragrant or spicy dry and stimulant.

Arthritis:-                     An inflammation of a joint or joints.

Ascites:-                      Accumulation of fluid in abdominal cavity.

Asthma:-                     A chronic disorder of the bronchial tube.

Astringent:-                 A drug which arrests secretion or bleeding.

Balanitis:-                   Inflammation of glands penis.

Biliousness:-               Pertaining to or affected by bile.

Bitter:-                         A bitter principles which acts on the mucous membranes of the body.

Bronchitis:-                 Inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes.

Bubos:-                        Inflammatory swelling of one or more lymph-glands in the groin.

Calculus:-                    Stone in gall bladder, kidney or urinary bladder.

Cancer:-                      A disease wherein there is abnormal multiplication of cells

Carcinogenic:-            Causes cancer.

Carbuncle:-                  An acute inflammation of the skin.

Cardiac:-                     Pertaining to the heart.

Cardiotonic:-               A tonic effect to the heart.

Carminative:-              Expels gas from the intestine.

Catarrh:-                      Inflammation of mucous membrane with profuse discharge.

Cathartic:-                   Strong purgative.

Cholagogue:-              Increased flow of bile due to a drug.

Colic:-                         Severe pain in the abdomen.

Colitis:-                       Inflammation of a part of large intestine.

Conjunctivities:-          Inflammation of the mucous membrane covering the anterior

Consumption:-            An inflammation of pulmonary tuberculosis which consumes the

Contagious:-                An act of communication of diseases from body to body.

Contraceptive:-           An agent for the prevention of conception.

Contusion:-                 An injury of the soft parts without breaking the skin.

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