Theibong - Manipur Medicinal Plants

Common Name

English :Jack tree /Jack fruit .
Hindi :Kathal
Manipuri :Theibong

Scientific Name

Group :Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family :Moraceae
Genus :Artocarpus
Species :heterophyllus  Lam.
Habit :Medium sized evergreen tree
Parts Used :Root, Stem & Fruit.
Mode of Preparation :Root is boiled for extract. Bark peeled off for latex. Ripe fruit pulp for consumption. Seeds are roasted or boiled for consumption. Fruit rachis is burnt and the ash is mixed with little lime for paste preparation. Fruit is edible; tender fruit cooked eaten; leaf occasionally used as a fodder.
Mode of use :Decoction, Fresh & Local Application
Ingredients :Fruit is rich in carbohydrate and essential amino acids. Also contains b-Carotene. Seeds contain Dipeptide, Aurantiamide acetate. Latex contains Cycloartenone, Cycloartenol, b-Sitosterol, Leucine, Isoleucine, Tyrosine and Valine. Root contains b-Sitosterol, Ursolic acid, etc.
Ailment Treated:Root decoction is good for diarrhoea, fever and asthma. Milky latex of the tree is good for local application on ulcers, wounds, glandular swellings and insect bites. Ripe fruit consumption is good for bowels as a laxative. Consumption of roasted /boiled seeds gives tone and vitality to body. Burnt rachis ash mixed with lime is applied to boils for early suppuration & healing.
Source:Hills and Plain; Cultivated.

Manipur Medicinal Plants