Yelang - Manipur Medicinal Plants

Common Name

English :Knot weed
Hindi :
Manipuri :Yelang

Scientific Name

Group :Angiosperm (dicotyledon)
Family :Polygonaceae
Genus :Polygonum
Species :barbatum  Linn.
Habit :Profuse straggling herb
Parts Used :Seed, Leaf and shoot
Mode of Preparation :Leafy shoot is boiled for extract. Seeds boiled for extract. Fresh shoot crushed for juice. Young buds and leaves, used as vegetables.
Mode of use :Decoction & Fresh
Ingredients :Plant contains Kaemferol, quercetin, kaemferol-7-0-glucoside, Kaemferol-3-0-glucurinide and ellagic acid.
Ailment Treated:Leafy shoot extract used as a stimulating wash for ulcers. Seed decoction paste is tonic, purgative, emetic and good in colic. Fresh shoot juice is good in stomach disorder.
Source:Wild, plain commonly in wet places.

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