Lam khamen

Lam khamen - Manipur Medicinal Plants

Common Name

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Hindi :
Manipuri :Lam khamen

Scientific Name

Group :Angiosperm
Family :Solanaceae
Genus :Solanum
Species :myriscanthum  Dunal.
Habit :Profuse spiny undershrub
Parts Used :Stem, Leaf, Fruit
Mode of Preparation :Unripe fruit crushed with water for paste.
Mode of use :Fresh
Ingredients :The berries contain solasodine, solakhasianin and diosgenin.
Ailment Treated:Fruit is used in skin diseases and muscular sprain. Paste of unripe fruit and tender shoots after warming is applied to swellings due to sprain, particularly of leg muscles.
Source:Generally grown in the wasteland, roadside and fields.

Manipur Medicinal Plants