Lai-chankhrang - Manipur Medicinal Plants

Common Name

English :
Hindi :
Manipuri :Lai-chankhrang

Scientific Name

Group :Pteridophyte
Family :Polypodiaceae
Genus :Dryopteris
Species :marginata  (Wall.) Christ
Habit :Profuse undershrub
Parts Used :Rhizome & Leaf
Mode of Preparation :Fresh leaves simmered with water and little common salt for decoction. Rhizome is crushed and simmered with water for decoction.
Mode of use :Decoction & Local Application
Ingredients :Plant contains chief margaspidin and small amount of phloraspidinol, phloraspin, para-aspidin, trispara-aspidin, filixic acid, aspindol and flavaspidic acid.
Ailment Treated:Rhizome decoction is anthelmintic. Leaf decoction is applied against boils and burns.
Source:Wild moist shaddy places .

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