Heijugak/Heijuga - Manipur Medicinal Plants

Common Name

English :Common walnut
Hindi :Akhor
Manipuri :Heijugak/Heijuga

Scientific Name

Group :Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family :Juglandaceae
Genus :Juglans
Species :regia  Linn. Var. Kumaonia DC
Habit :Big deciduous tree
Parts Used :Bark, Fruit, Leaf and Seed
Mode of Preparation :The endosperm of the seed is edible.
Mode of use :Fresh
Ingredients :A globulin, juglansin bas been isolated from the edible kernel. The globulin contains cystine and tryptophane.
Ailment Treated:Leaves are astringent, tonic and anthelmintic. The leaves and bark are antiscorbutic and detergent. The fruits are sweet, emollient, aphrodisiac, tonic and carminative. The kernels are used in colic and dysentery. Mature kernals yield a fatty oil, walnut oil, used for edible purposes, printing inks and soap making. Seed kernal after removing brown skin is used in nervous disorder and improving memory.

Manipur Medicinal Plants