Saneibi waa

Common Name

English :Thorny bamboo
Hindi :Peka
Manipuri :Saneibi waa

Scientific Name

Group :Angiosperm (Monocotyledon)
Family :Poaceae
Genus :Bambusa
Species :arundinacea  Wild.
Habit :Tall tree
Parts Used :Bud and leaf
Mode of Preparation :Fermented shoots boiled for extract. Young buds crushed for decoction.
Mode of use :Decoction, Fresh and Local Application
Ingredients :Tender shoots contain protien, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, copper, chlorine, thianine and vitamin C.
Ailment Treated:The fermented shoot is used as an antidote to the injuries of nails. Extract of fermented shoot is used in ring worm, tumours and alopecia. Decoction of young bud is used for normal menstrual flow.