Ishing kambong

Common Name

English :
Hindi :
Manipuri :Ishing kambong

Scientific Name

Group :Angiosperm (Monocotyledon)
Family :Poaceae
Genus :Zizania
Species :latifolia  Turcz ex.Stapf
Habit :Aquatic graminaceous herb
Parts Used :Fruit, Rhizome
Mode of Preparation :Rhizome crushed for paste.
Mode of use :Fresh, Local Application
Ingredients :Leaves contain Vitamin C. Infected fruit (with fungus) is rich in protein and a number of amino acids. Infection by Ustilago esculenta P. Henn and the cells are hypertrophied to form small maize – like galls. The gall is filled up with innumerable spores like cocopowder.
Ailment Treated:Rhizome paste applied to burns. Infected fruit is rich in protein. In china the culms, rhizomes and grains are used against anaemia, fever and as a diuretic. Also used for heart, kidney and liver problems.
Source:Generally grown wild in the wetlands of valley areas particularly in Loktak lake catchments. Occasionally cultivated in ponds.