Common Name

English :Mushroom
Hindi :Khumbi
Manipuri :Chenggum

Scientific Name

Group :Fungi
Family :Agaricaceae
Genus :Agaricus
Species :campestris  Linn. ex Fries
Habit :Saprophyte with delicate fruiting bodies.
Parts Used :Whole plant
Mode of Preparation :Fruiting body is cooked and eaten. Plant body crushed for decoction (can be with water or with milk and sugar).
Mode of use :Decoction
Ingredients :The plant body is rich source of vitamins (B complex, K, C & D). Rich in minerals, proteins, carbohydrate, fat, etc.
Ailment Treated:Cooked or plant decoction is tonic, laxative, used in paralysis, seminal weakness and general dibility. Decoction/ cooked, mushroom is given to combat weakness and ricket, given as diet for T.B patients. Fried mushroom increases sexual vitality (improves sexual strength).
Source:Wild and Cultivated .